The World Bank and BNP Paribas Team Up to Promote the 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals through Innovative Finance

2016-12-15 13:58:59 来源: 同花顺综合

  The World Bank (International Bank for  Reconstruction and Development or “IBRD”, rating Aaa/AAA) is pleased to  announce that it has teamed up with BNP Paribas to promote the Sustainable  Development Goals (SDGs) through an investment solution being developed for  institutional and retail investors around the world.                              The aim of the initiative is to launch a  program of equity index-linked World Bank bonds to allow investors to support and  benefit from the global ambition set by the United Nations 2030 Agenda for  sustainable development and the Sustainable Development Goals. The performance  of the bonds will be linked to the performance of the Solactive Sustainable  Development Goals World Index, which consists of eligible companies, based on  Vigeo Eiris’ Equitics research, which maps the SDGs against the included companies’  products, services and behaviors.                            

  The SDGs are a set of 17 interlinked goals  established to guide international cooperation to achieve sustainable  development, end poverty, build peace and tackle climate change. They were  adopted by United Nations member countries in September 2015 and require active  participation from governments, corporations and investors in all countries.  The global goals promote clean water and sanitation, health, sustainable  industry and infrastructure, affordable and clean energy, education, gender  equality and much more. They are designed to help every individual and every  community harness the benefits of development through peace, partnership,  prosperity, people and planet.

  “The United Nations Secretary-General recently  launched a Financial Innovation Platform (FIP) to facilitate private sector  engagement with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This new partnership by  the World Bank and BNP Paribas is exactly the kind of initiative that the  platform seeks to encourage,” said David  Nabarro, Special Advisor on the 2030 agenda, Executive Office of the  Secretary-General, United Nations.

  “Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals  will require increased collaboration from public sector, private sector, and  individuals. The World Bank’s twin goals – eliminating extreme poverty and  boosting shared prosperity – are aligned with the SDGs. By buying World Bank  bonds, investors have the opportunity to support companies in a way that  supports sustainable development,” said Arunma  Oteh, Vice President and Treasurer, World Bank.

  The new product will allow investors to contribute  to the financing of sustainable development projects through the use of  proceeds of the World Bank bonds and to benefit from the performance of the  companies in the SDG index. The initiative will also raise awareness among the  financial community of the various roles the private sector can play in  supporting the achievement of the SDGs nationally and internationally. For  example, investors can align their investment strategies to the SDG framework,  banks can design innovative products supporting corporates aligned with the  SDGs, and index providers can filter companies based on their contribution to  the goals.                              The initiative also highlights the World Bank’s  overall sustainable development mandate and focus on working with its member  countries to achieve a positive development impact for all projects. To achieve  its twin goals to eliminate poverty and boost prosperity the World Bank is  positioned to use financing, robust data and innovative products to help  countries grow, invest and insure for the future.

  “We are proud to be part of this initiative with  the World Bank in support of the Sustainable Development Goals. This effort is in  direct response to the UN Secretary-General’s launch of a Financial Innovation  Platform (FIP) that calls for innovations and new financial models in support  of the SDGs. Through this innovative program, we can help our clients meet  their increasing need to align financial objectives with global sustainability  objectives. Sustainable finance is one of the key pillars of our business and  this partnership around the global goals is an important new development for us  in this space,” said Olivier Osty, Executive  Head of Global Markets, BNP Paribas.

  “Solactive has been very active in the  development of indices that meet the needs of an increasing number of  ESG-conscious investors. With the Sustainable Development Goals Index series,  Solactive is providing the basis for investment products that mirror the UN’s  SDGs. As such, our contribution to the World Bank-BNP Paribas equity-linked  bonds represents an important milestone for Solactive,” said Steffen Scheuble, CEO of Solactive AG.

  “We are extremely pleased to be part of this  initiative promoting investments in support of projects driving sustainable  growth. This equity linked World Bank bonds program is a smart and secured  solution for investors and a milestone on the road to supporting the SDGs,” said Nicole Notat, CEO at Vigeo Eiris.                              





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